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Warehousing, storing capacity of 25,000㎡ including units of temperature controllable 3,000㎡ and for heavy-weight cargoes 1,700㎡.

We, certified as AEO Warehouse Operator by Nagoya Customs, can offer to store your valuable commodities in our bonded warehouses with high security in safety.

We would be highly appreciated if you could feel free to contact us for any inquiries of storing your various types of commodities including heavy-weight, long-length, temperature control required and etc.

How convenient?

In view point of location, every facility is touching on port of Nagoya and easy access to the Tobishima Interchange and the Meiko-chuo Interchange of the Isewangan Expressway within less than 10minutes.

How reliable?

We have been certified as AEO Warehouse Operator by Nagoya Customs as of February 2009, performing to manage with high quality of security.

How special ?

  • We have 7 units of temperature controllable between +10℃ and +20℃ to accommodate your requirement.
  • We have a special unit with 2 sets of 20tons ceiling crane, lifting capacity upto 40tons, which enables us to handle long-length and/or heavy-weight cargoes.
  • We have available premises to accommodate construction equipments and/or used vehicles themselves, and also specific components of those items as well.