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Van Pool Operation

Sufficient space of Container depot (Van pool) with full equipments in Nagoya.

Site area 75,608㎡
Empty container storage ability 3,860TEU
Full container storage ability 400TEU
Reefer container storage ability 5 containers
Empty container bringing-in inspection lane 2 lanes
Full container bringing-in inspection lane 1 lane
Loaded-empty container bringing-out inspection lane 4 lanes

We are a vanpool operator in the area of port of Nagoya, mainly handling NYK group companies’ owned empty containers and accommodating full containers of others by case if required.

We have established checking procedures of containers' conditions upon gate in/out of vanpool, and will take necessary steps to repair and/or cleaning if eventually required to meet your quality level.

We have been certified as AEO Vanpool Operator by Nagoya Customs and in fact accommodating full containers in bonded conditions, appreciating your feeling free to contact us for any inquiries relating to vanpool matters.

Van Pool Operation Van Pool Operation Van Pool Operation