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Safety and Health Activities

Asahi Unyu Safety and Health Policies

We have formulated the safety and health policies as of January 1, 2011, aiming to achieve a sustainable safety and health environment.

Declaration of Safety

It is corporate social responsibility as well as corporate management base to secure employees' safety and health. We are creating a safe workplace environment that allows any of our employees to work without undue worries, aiming to be a company that is relied upon and trusted by customers as well as employees.

Basic Policies

  1. We establish a system for managing the security and health, raising the security and health awareness of our employees and promoting their health-care aiming to reduce worker's accident to zero.
  2. The entire company is working together in promoting safety and health management activities and create a safe and comfortable workplace environment where the mental and physical health is taken into consideration.
  3. We ensure that personnel are aware of and comply with legal requirements for the security and health and the prevention of worker's accidents.
  4. We work on the risk removal and reduction, implementing the risk assessment, to eliminate risk factors for an worker's accident and the security and health.
  5. We set goals and targets for the elimination of worker's accidents and the promotion of our employees' health-care, making the continuous improvement, as well as putting them into action.