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Contributions to Society

This part introduces activities we are engaged in as a member of the community.

  • Contributions to Society
  • Contributions to Society

Our employees, their family members and employees of our group companies have been participating in "Clean Up Campaign in Fujimae" twice a year since the first campaign held on may 29, 2010, as contributions to society. The Fujimae Tideland at the mouth of the Nikko River, the Shonai River and the Shin River is renowned as one of the most popular stopovers for migratory birds including sandpipers and plovers in Japan. Goverment faild to appoint Fujimae as the Landfill site by virtue of years of civil activities and in November, 2002 it was designated as national wildlife protection area, concurrently registered as "Wetlands of International Importance Especially as Waterfowl Habitat" under the Ramsar Convention.