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Corporate Governance

Asahi Unyu Group Corporate Codes of Conduct

We have been making a continuing profound study while getting through numerous difficulties since the establishment in 1952 and been contributing to the development of society through the improvement of services tailored to the needs of the times and been striving to be a company which is loved, relied upon and trusted by customers, with the best intentions. To achieve further growth and development as a company in the future and be trusted more by our customers, we are required to fulfill our own social responsibilities, conducting massive corporate activities with a sound common sense which members of society should have and a higher sense of ethics, not just ensuring compliance. We set here "Corporate Codes of Conduct" as basic policies for putting compliance into action.

Awareness of social responsibilities and missions
We will have an awareness of social responsibilities and missions to deliver secure and superior services which are imposed on harbor transportation and global logistics distributors, deserve our customers' trust and fulfill their expectations, make appropriate profits in conducting our businesses in a legal and fair manner and ensure a comfortable life to our employees and their family members, as well as reward our shareholders.
Strict observance of laws, regulations and rules
We will strive to be a company which can earn the social trust, respecting a range of laws and regulations in Japan and overseas and internal rules and refraining from our illegal and immoral or unethical behaviors to conduct our corporate activities in a fair and sincere manner.
Contributions to society and efforts to promote improvement of the environment
We will take the initiative in addressing various environmental issues shared by society as a whole, as well as promote contributions to society actively, as a member of corporate citizens.
Confrontation with antisocial forces
We will confront firmly antisocial forces and organizations menacing the order and security of the public life and realize an absolute ban on any relation with them.
Creation of favorable workplace environment
We will strive to create a favorable workplace environment where the personality or individuality of each of personnel is respected and they can communicate fully, as well as create workplace environment that allows any of personnel to work without undue worries through the promotion of our safety and health activities.

Corporate Governance

Internal Control Activities

To sustain a stable growth, companies are required to establish an internal control system, as well as to maintain its effectiveness and efficiency. We, as a member of NYK Group, make evaluations and monitor the effectiveness of an internal control system through internal audit activities by Internal Control Group, with the objective of maintaining a system for ensuring the operational effectiveness and efficiency, the credibility of financial reporting, the observance of laws and regulations relating to our businesses, and the safeguarding of assets.


"Compliance" used to be interpreted as observing laws and regulations, but nowadays has been defined broadly as "the acts for ensuring that personnel are aware of and take steps to comply with company-specific management philosophy and corporate ethics". We amended Asahi Unyu Group Corporate Codes of Conduct and Standards of Conduct in 2013 and set up a compliance committee discussing key issues concerning compliance activities and making decisions on them, with the objective of ensuring that personnel including group companies' employees are aware of and subjected to observing laws and regulations related to business execution, preventing bribery, etc., competeing fairly and freely, respecting human rights and international norms, and eliminating antisocial forces, etc. as stated in them.

Risk Management and Crisis Response

Nowadays, there are diversified risks surrounding companies. To survive, companies are required to establish an system for managing any possible risk appropriately. We have made "Business Continuity Plans (BCP)" which enable group companies and us to ensure that in emergencies including large-scale disasters and accidents, we will continue to conduct our businesses as much as possible and even if we discontinue, we will resume them as soon as possible. We are also working on enhancing an information security system including measures for computer virus and network security measures, concurrently conducting security enlightening activities including information security e-learning intended for our employees.

Workplace Environment

General Employer Action Plans

We have made action plans as below, aiming to be a company contributing to the support the development of the next generation in the commutity, as well as created an employment environment that allows any of our employees to demonstrate his or her ability and to work without undue worries, achieving the work–life balance.

Period for the Plans

Four years from April 1, 2011 to March 31, 2015

Contents of the Plans
Target 1: Draw up guidelines for the treatment of someone during maternity leave or after return to work and ensure that personnel are aware of them through provision on the intranet.
Measures to be taken
April, 2011~ Drawing up an announcement
October, 2011~ Notifying personnel about it by e-mail and published it on the intranet
Target 2: Set up no overtime day and implement it with the objective of reducing overtime working hours.
Measures to be taken
April, 2011~ Carrying out a pesonnel survey
October, 2011~ Reviewing problems to be worked out for each department
April, 2012~ Implementing no overtime day
Target 3: Provide students with opportunities for experience of the world of work including an internship program.
Measures to be taken
April, 2012~ Re-examining last year's internship program
October, 2011~ Reviewing opportunities for experience of the world of work
April, 2012~ Implementing an internship program after having re-examined it

Aichi Family-Friendly Company

Aichi Family-Friendly Mark

Aichi prefecture government has established a system to register as "Family-Friendly Company" a company working on achieving the work–life balance (the best balance between work and life) and is encouraging and supporting it and bringing its efforts to a wide audience. Our Company was registered as "Aichi Family-Friendly Company", a company working on creating an workplace environment that allows employees to balance work with family life, on January 15, 2013.